About Us

Dubai Bone and Joint Center (DBAJ), located in Dubai Healthcare City, is a multi-speciality center that aims to give people with bone and joint disorders a chance to live pain-free lives.

Ensuring high-quality medical services through the use of evidence-based medicine and advanced technologies, DBAJ features 10 specializations under one roof. Its integrated services include: spine, sports medicine, upper and lower limb, rheumatology, pain management, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, imaging, foot and ankle, chiropractic, and neurology. The clinic strives to provide the highest standard of bone and joint care, which is why it serves as a referral center for managing musculoskeletal and neurological cases.

DBAJ invests in the newest technologies to provide quality musculoskeletal care, placing the clinic at the forefront of medical advancements in the field through minimally-invasive surgical techniques for spine and other orthopedic procedures.

The healthcare services and facilities of DBAJ comply with the international best practices and rules and regulations of local governing bodies. DBAJ has a proven track record of quality care, prioritizing patient safety, wellbeing and satisfaction. The clinic embraces a patient-centric approach through personalized treatment plans so every patient can receive the hands-on, individual attention that they deserve.

The clinic focuses on providing quality care for different segments in society with a wide range of 20 plus TPA (third-party administrators) and insurance networks.


The vision of the Dubai Bone and Joint Center (DBAJ) is to give people with musculoskeletal disorders in the Middle East a chance to live a pain free life.



Our mission  is to be the best private comprehensive musculoskeletal center of excellence in the region, operating according to the highest standards of international healthcare utilizing innovative treatments of the highest quality, and evidence based medicine according to international protocols.