Dubai Bone and Joint Center key player at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships

The Dubai Bone and Joint Center (DBAJ) is once again playing an active role in the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships as the tournament’s official health provider.

For the second year running, a team of highly skilled doctors, nurses and physiotherapists specialising in sports injuries management and rehabilitation have been available to players throughout the tournament. Led by DBAJ’s Dr William Murrell, who resumes his position as chief tournament physician along with tournament physicians Dr. Khalaf Moussa, and Dr. Marie van Wijlen, the DBAJ medical team are on hand to ensure the world’s finest tennis players can perform at the optimum level.

As a pioneer medical center set up to cater to the need for musculoskeletal treatment and research in the Middle East, the presence of world renowned experts from DBAJ have ensured tennis professionals at the tournament have access to the best possible care.

DBAJ’s team of experts will be onsite to provide players the necessary support and care during the matches. We have set up a special room for the players to receive medical attention when required and our team of doctors and physiotherapists are expertly trained to manage the entire range of sports injuries related to the game.

The center has been at the forefront of working closely with professional sportspersons and sports enthusiasts to maintain optimum fitness levels. Moving forward, DBAJ aims to continue to demonstrate the provision of the highest level of expertise in the field of sports medicine, across a range of sporting activities.

The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships is a key annual sporting event on the Dubai calendar, and is now in its 21st year. It is one of the most popular and competitive tennis events on the world circuit and runs from the 18th February to 2nd March.